• POVLJANA / Gastronomy


The local gourmet offer is characterized by top attributes of the healthy and simple Dalmatian cuisine. Our cuisine is based on fresh fish and seafood which can be found at local market places every day,fresh out of the sea. The fish is prepared in the traditional style – grilled (“gradele”), boiled, brodetto, alla buzara, or under the "peka" (baking lid). If authentic gourmet experienceyou must taste the famous Pag lamb, traditionally spin-roasted, boiled or prepared under the “peka”.The Pag lamb owes its quality to a specific type of organic farming. We also recommendthe traditional manner of preparing polenta (corn flour) with mutton.The traditional spices most commonlyused in our cuisine are rosemary, laurel, basil, fennel, sage, parsley and red garlic. Boiled vegetablesare the most common side dish.You can buy vegetables organically grown by local farmers in the local market places on a daily basis – fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, chard, potatoes, and various other vegetables, the scent of which reflects the love with which they were grown and nurtured. Grapes and figs are a fruit must-try. The farmers are particularly proudof their home-made olive oil. Olive farming in this territoryis not an ancient activity – it is only recently that it suddenly became popular, and local olive farmers attentively observe the trends in the productionof olive oil and the market, which results in the formationof small olive-groves.The market places also offer a variety of the famous home-made spirit “rakija” produced from grapes and herbs: winter savoury, fennel, thyme. Every year, rakija is traditionally distilled in barrels. Guests can also buy home-produced white wine of Gegić variety and red wine of Plavina variety, as well as home-made sweet dessert wine - Prošek. If the road takes you to Povljana during springtime, you will have a chance to taste highly appreciatedhome-grown and wildedible herbs suchas fennel and tasty wild chicory, which adds aunique mild bitterness to salads. We should not forget the widely-known self-grown asparagus, famous for their savoury taste. So, if you take a relaxing walk through the landscape, you might return home with a collection of herbs for a tasty dinner. The locals are proud of their “stingy” island earth, which surprises them with many gifts throughout theyear. We finally reachthe top of our gourmet offer – the Pag cheese (Paški sir). The majority of Pag inhabitants are involved with livestock farming and traditional cheese production. The wonderful taste of the cheeseand its widelyrecognized qualityis the result of specific pasture – the sheep graze self-grown aromatic herbs, such as chicory, immortelle, and sage, the quality of which owes much tothe frequent bora winds that lift up the sea salt and spread it into the smallest pores of rocks and grass.