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Excursions on the island

Veliko Blato

image Veliko blato is 2 km from Povljana and it can be accessed by an asphalt road leading to the town of Vlašići. Veliko blato is a protected Ornithological reserve of wading birds. This is the last place of this kind in Europe where this particular kind of birds flies down on their way to the South. There are freshwater fish in the lake of Veliko blato. Veliko blato was one of the first fish farms in Europe, adapted for this purpose by the family Košcina.

Malo Blato

image Malo blato is also 2 km from Povljana in Mlinica area and can be accessed by the main road leading to Pag. This freshwater lake is situated approximately 10 km away from the town of Pag. The institutions in authority declared it a special ornithological reserve.

Stara Povljana bay

image The bay can be accessed by the road cutting across the field of Povljana. The road is asphalted to the chapel and continues to the left as macadam leading to the bay. (there are signs). Until 17th century there was an older Povljana settlement. Historical records mention it in connection with the founding of St Marin Church on February 13, 1335. The settlement is also mentioned in 1452 and 1492, even though it is older still. Today numerous sand beaches can be found in the bay, with inaccessible rocks to the south, while the north abounds with small beaches and inlets, accessible rockery and earth paths leading you to freshwater lakes, even more beautiful sand beaches and finally, to Pustograd, a breathtakingly beautiful wild inlet. Here ends you adventure by the sea, because what follows is a vertical, high cliff that never seems to end.

The church of St. Martin

image The church can be accessed by an asphalt road across the field of Povljana. Turn right at the chapel and 200 m later, there is an earth path to the left that leads to the church. (tourist signs mark the site). The church is mentioned in the will of Dižislav Radogostić Vuče on February 13, 1335. It has recently been entirely conserved and hence temporarily saved, and the church is an exceptionally important monument of our medieval architecture. In front of the rectangular church with semicircular apse there is an open walled space. On April 23, 2008, on the Day of the Povljana municipality, the church will be solemnly blessed.

The church of St. Nikola

image About 1 km to the southwest from the centre of Povljana, near Perilo beach, there is a very important monument of Croatian architecture, St. Nikola church. The church dates back to the 9th century. Archaeological research was conducted in the church and it has been conserved. The church courtyard is walled by a high, wide wall containing a cemetery.

Curative mud "Segal"

image West from Povljana, along Dubrovnik beach, there is “Segal” lake with therapeutic peloids. The sea is ahead while the woods and long walking trails are behind. If you are lucky, beautiful white swans may emerge from somewhere again.